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Motorcycle use and accidents are rising in number. Throughout Ohio, there are collisions resulting in serious injuries and even death every day. 

Whether your motorcycle collision occurs in Lima, Perry county, or any part of Ohio, our law firm can help.

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At Bensinger Law, we understand the difficult aspects of the recovery, trauma, and financial costs related to motorcycle accidents. Each day, we successfully advocate for those involved in motorcycle accidents.

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Signs You Should Talk To a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You may feel overwhelmed with the circumstances of your motorcycle accident. Dealing with insurance companies, seeking repair or replacement for your motorcycle, and addressing your injuries are all important. An additional urgent consideration is finding a lawyer. With motorcycle accidents, there are key indications that you need an attorney.

You may know to seek representation when the other party’s attorney contacts you, but protecting your rights comes well before that time. You should immediately contact a motorcycle accident attorney if any of the following scenarios are true:

  • You are unclear regarding what your rights or liabilities are after a motorcycle accident; 
  • You suffered injuries in an accident;
  • A loved one died in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence; 
  • The accident involves multiple parties; or
  • Your motorcycle accident claim involves a medical provider or a large corporation. 

Motorcycle accidents are legally complex, and solely filing an insurance claim is typically insufficient. You need legal representation. Bensinger Law specializes in all aspects of motorcycle accident representation and can assess your unique situation.  

What to Look for in an Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The state of Ohio licenses attorneys. But your search for a lawyer must go beyond finding a person who meets this requirement. You need an experienced Ohio motorcycle accident attorney who shows compassion regarding your situation, is geographically accessible, and is ready to negotiate your case or go to trial.

Our firm checks each item on this list. Bensinger Law has extensive experience navigating personal injury motorcycle cases and civil litigation throughout the state of Ohio. We are a small firm, which allows us to provide individual attention and compassion regarding your situation. Negotiation is always part of our efforts. We’ll attempt to reach a substantial settlement on your behalf, but we are prepared to take your case to court also.

What Not to Do After an Ohio Motorcycle Accident

Involvement in an accident leads to confusion and uncertainty. Bensinger Law wants to help. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, we advise you to address your safety and health, make no further statements regarding your accident, and immediately contact our office. 

After a motorcycle accident, there are a number of things you should not do:

Do Not Ignore Your Injuries

Your health and safety are paramount. The priority after an accident must be your medical needs. If needed, seek medical assistance. Additionally, ensure your safety after the accident by not driving your damaged motorcycle. 

Do Not Discuss Your Role in the Accident 

Don’t express your views of the accident with the other driver, their employer, their insurance company, or their lawyer. Saying something seemingly harmless like, “I wish I didn’t drive that evening” can be turned against you.

Do Not Admit to Guilt. 

Don’t take responsibility for the accident. Do not apologize to others involved in the accident or say that you were at fault. Doing so compromises your ability to assign fault to others.

Make No Deals

Don’t try and make an offer  to resolve anything regarding the accident. Also do not accept deals regarding settling the case. Settlements are binding contracts. Do not enter into a settlement agreement without a lawyer.

Do Not Handle Your Case On Your Own. 

Hire a lawyer who has experience in motorcycle accident cases, so the insurance company can’t take advantage of you.

We recommend contacting a motorcycle accident attorney in Ohio immediately. If you choose our firm, we will negotiate for you, speak on your behalf, and represent you in all legal proceedings regarding your accident. You’re not alone.

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