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What Is a Product Liability Claim?

Under Ohio law, manufacturers or suppliers face product liability when one of their products causes death or injury. 

Examples of products that commonly lead to defective product claims include: 

  • Auto parts,
  • Toys and children’s products,
  • Household appliances,
  • Lawn and garden equipment,
  • Contaminated or unsafe food,
  • Chemicals in consumer items,
  • Recreational products,
  • Home improvement tools, and
  • Prescription drugs and medical devices.

Ohio product liability law provides several legal theories under which an injured consumer may recover damages. These include strict liability and breach of warranty claims.

Strict Liability

Under Ohio product liability law, a person who suffers harm is not required to prove negligence. 

In general, strict liability is available for three broad categories of product defects: 

The seller, distributor, or manufacturer is strictly liable for the product defect if it caused an injury. You must show that the product was defective and that the defect caused your injury. 

If you can prove these elements, you may be successful in your product liability case. Your best chance at success is with the help of an experienced defective product attorney. 

An Ohio product liability lawyer at Bensinger Legal Services can guide you through the process. 

Breach of Warranty

A plaintiff can make a product liability claim under a breach of warranty theory if the plaintiff alleges that a product failed to conform to a warranty.

Under Ohio law, a representation refers to a statement of a material fact about a product’s character, quality, or safety. 

Who Is the Responsible Party?

If a defective product injures you, several parties may be liable for your injuries. 

Depending on the particular circumstances of your case, the following parties may bear legal responsibility for a defective product:

  • Product manufacturers,
  • Product wholesalers,
  • Component parts manufacturers,
  • Parties who assemble products, or
  • Retail stores.

The responsible parties vary from case to case. To determine which parties may be responsible in your situation, we recommend contacting our defective product attorney at Bensinger Law. 

Statute of Limitations For Product Liability Claims in Ohio

Ohio’s statute of limitations for strict product liability claims is two years. In most cases, you will have two years from the injury to file a claim.

You could have more than two years if you did not immediately realize a product caused your injury.

These types of cases usually relate to exposure to toxic substances over time or use of prescription drugs or medical devices.

What Can I Recover in an Ohio Product Liability Lawsuit?

Ohio’s product liability laws allow victims to demand compensation for economic damages and noneconomic damages.

There is no limitation on economic damages a victim can receive under Ohio law. Economic damages include a wide range of monetary damages, including medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and loss of services. 

Compensatory damages also include noneconomic damages. Noneconomic damages compensate victims of personal injury for non-monetary losses. 

Noneconomic damages can include:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Mental anguish,
  • Loss of enjoyment, 
  • Loss of companionship, and
  • Permanent disfigurement.

Compensation for noneconomic damages is typically capped by state statute.

However, there is no limitation to compensatory damages for noneconomic loss for (1) permanent and substantial physical deformity or loss of a bodily system; or (2) permanent injury that prevents a person from being able to live independently. 

Although rare, punitive damages are available in some instances.

A punitive damages award requires the victim to establish that the manufacturer or supplier acted with flagrant disregard for safety or extreme negligence.

Contact an Experienced Ohio Product Liability Lawyer

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