Ohio Contract Law Attorney

In the past, a handshake sealed a business deal. Now, parties are often strangers who get acquainted over the internet and never meet in person. 

Contracts have become the foundation of all good (and safe) business transactions. No matter how good your word is, verbal agreements can expose you to financial and legal harm. 

As an Ohio business owner, you definitely want an Ohio contract law attorney to help you navigate this changing business world.

Written contracts help avoid ambiguities in business dealings by clearly defining the obligations of each party. While a handshake can seal a deal, the best practice has always been to follow up a handshake with a written contract. Contracts also protect your business interests and can shield you and your business from liability. 

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What Does a Contract Attorney Do?

What does a contract attorney do? A contract lawyer is an Ohio lawyer who specializes in contract law and devotes much of their practice to drafting and reviewing legal contracts. These lawyers draft strong contracts to prevent the need to go to court to enforce them.

Legal contracts are the backbone of business since they determine how the business will interact with its clients, suppliers, and employees. It may be an added expense upfront, but a solid contract saves money in the long run by protecting the rights of everyone involved.

Contract lawyers perform three main functions for clients. 

Those include:

  • Contract drafting,
  • Contract review, and
  • Contract enforcement.

At Bensinger Legal Services, our team has extensive experience in all three aspects of contract law. Attorney Aaron Bensinger devotes his practice to working with clients to resolve legal issues by cutting through the legalese and understanding the problem.

Contract Drafting

When drafting contracts, contract attorneys prepare, create, or update contracts for the transaction at hand. For example, if a client needs to draft a sales contract, a contract attorney may either tailor a sales contract template for that client or create an entirely new document depending on the complexity of the client’s needs.

Contract Review

For contract review, an Ohio contract law attorney will work with their client to review an incoming contract that their client may need to sign.

It is essential to understand everything contained in a contract that is put before you to sign. A contract lawyer can suggest revisions to the contract that may make the terms more favorable to you. They can also advise you not to sign if the terms are unfair.

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Contract Enforcement

Contract lawyers also help clients with breach of contract issues. Where a party to a contract fails to perform (i.e., doing what the contract said the party would do) under a contract, contract law lawyers will review the existing contract governing the relationship and analyze the risks, exposure, and liabilities their client may have.

The Ohio contract law attorney can then advise their client on what to do next, such as settle the matter, seek equitable relief, pursue financial damages in court, or take another route.

How Having an Ohio Contract Law Attorney Draft Your Agreements Can Help Your Business

Anyone can write a contract, but a contract you download online will not suit your unique needs. Even worse, a generic contract may not even be enforceable. That is why you need an Ohio contract law attorney to ensure that your business creates clear contracts that cover the subject matter and protect you from liability. 

At Bensinger Legal Services, we enjoy working one-on-one with clients to develop contracts specific to their business’s needs. We take the time to understand your business’s goals and concerns. We also know that you may live and work in small communities and probably need to do business in the future with someone you had a dispute with in the past.

A good contract can serve that purpose by being a solid foundation for lasting business relationships. We take our time to hear you out and translate your circumstances into contracts that suit your needs and business interests.

The Bensinger Legal Services Difference

At Bensinger Legal Services, our knowledgeable team of contract lawyers and civil litigators take a three-step approach to contract law. We know that contract creation, review, and enforcement are all essential parts of the process.

Our team is led by Aaron Bensinger, an Ohio attorney serving personal injury and civil litigation clients. He has extensive trial experience and makes client service his primary focus. Aaron happily works in Lima, OH, and serves the entire Northwest region of the state and beyond.

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