A motorcycle accident that isn’t your fault can cause a severe disruption in your life. Car accidents are never fun, but an accident on a motorcycle is often worse.

We get a common question at Bensinger Legal Services regarding motorcycle accidents: What is the average motorcycle accident settlement in Ohio?

The answer is not so simple. 

Since the circumstances surrounding every accident differ, so do their settlement amounts. However, our Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers can look at a few factors in your accident and get a general idea as to the possible settlement amount you can expect.

Whatever the anticipated motorcycle accident compensation amount, we’ll fight for the maximum possible reimbursement in your motorcycle injury settlement.

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What Affects a Motorcycle Accident Settlement’s Amount?

The most important factor we use to calculate possible settlement amounts is the type of damage you suffer in the accident. Some types of damages are more calculable than others. Here we outline the different possible damages and how they affect settlement amounts.

Medical Bills

The total cost of the medical bills you have will dramatically affect the average settlement for your motorcycle accident. Your medical bills can be a very accurate predictor for your final settlement amount because they are tangible and difficult to dispute.

There is a clear set value to any medical bill, so we have no trouble factoring medical bills into a predicted settlement amount. Furthermore, medical bills are difficult to dispute. Put simply, the more expensive your medical bills are, the higher your motorcycle injury settlement amount is.

Lost Wages

Like medical bills, the amount of wages you lose will have a significant impact on the final settlement amount. This factor only applies, however, if you miss work due to your motorcycle accident. Wages lost can include time taken off to recover from injuries or hours missed due to medical appointments associated with the accident.

Wages lost can also include hours you miss as a direct result of the accident. After all, it’s pretty hard to get to work after your ride is wrecked. Sometimes lost wages include work hours that you miss due to the psychological toll of the accident. At the end of the day, lost wages are easy to track and easy to prove. As a result, they are an accurate predictor of a settlement’s final amount.

Intangible Damages

Often referred to in legalese as non-economic damages, intangible damages can be harder to prove and even harder to quantify. If we are representing you, we can estimate the total amount of intangible damages you’ll recover. However, unlike with medical bills or lost wages, estimating your intangible damages takes a bit of guesswork.

The total amount of intangible damages is often a contested part of any personal injury claim. As a result, they can vary widely and fall outside of initial predictions. However, with an experienced attorney on your side, you can rest easy with the knowledge that they know exactly how to approach intangible damages in your motorcycle accident settlement negotiations. 

Combining Damages

Whether you suffer from just one of these types of damages or more than one can also help us predict a final settlement amount. If you have medical bills but no lost wages, your final settlement will often be smaller than a claim that involves both.

The same goes for any combination of the outlined damage types. Thus, if you suffer from all three of the aforementioned damage types, you’ll get a relatively large settlement. The average settlement for a motorcycle accident is hard to predict, but we can give you an idea of what your settlement might look like when we hear your story.

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While Bensinger Legal Services can’t tell you the average settlement for motorcycle accidents, we can help you estimate your damages. The types of damages you suffer can help us make such a prediction. However, there are other important factors like the extent or severity of injuries, fault, and whether the opposing party disputes any of the claims. Our personal injury firm has extensive experience helping motorcycle riders recover damages after accidents.

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