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Trucks transporting wide load and oversize cargo must follow stringent rules. When a driver is hauling anything beyond the normal load, they will need to obtain special hauling permits. However, even the safest drivers who follow all the regulations can put others at risk by transporting oversized cargo.

If you were injured in a wide load accident in Ohio, you need a skilled Northwest Ohio truck accident lawyer on your side.

How Wide Load Accidents Can Happen

Large truck accidents happen every day all across the country. Sometimes negligent drivers cause these accidents, while other times, equipment failure and adverse weather conditions may be contributing factors.

Wide load and oversize truck accidents can occur in several different ways. Some of the most common reasons accidents happen can include:

  • The extra weight of the cargo causes the tires to blow out;
  • A higher center of gravity combined with a heavier load make the truck even more unstable;
  • Weight distribution is concentrated in only one area of the trailer, making the truck difficult to control;
  • The cargo may come loose, falling onto the roadway; and
  • The driver’s capability to brake is hindered, especially on roads with elevation changes.

Accidents involving oversize or wide load trucks can be complicated claims to pursue. You want an attorney who has experience representing clients in large truck accidents. At Bensinger Law, we have years of experience helping Northwest Ohio residents with all their injury claims, including oversize load accidents.

Regulations These Trucks Must Follow

All truck drivers and their employers are required to follow the mandated federal and state trucking laws. When hauling a wide or oversize load, there are additional regulations they must follow. One of the most critical steps is to get a special hauling permit. The permit will specify a route the driver must follow. It will also address where the driver will stop for fuel, food, and rest.

Drivers hauling wide loads must stay in the right lane, use warning signs and flags, and transport cargo only within the restricted hours noted on the permit.

Why These Accidents Are Much Different from Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any accident involving a large truck is different from one involving a passenger vehicle because of the weight difference. Two smaller passenger vehicles that collide are unlikely to incur the same amount of damage that a large truck and small vehicle would. The risk of catastrophic injuries and fatalities are typically higher with truck accidents, even in seemingly minor collisions.

How Can a Lawyer Help Pursue Compensation in an Oversize Load Accident?

After suffering injuries in a wide load accident in Ohio, you want an attorney on your side. Pursing a claim against a trucking company is complex. When you retain an attorney early on in the claims process, we will conduct an investigation and preserve all critical evidence. We will verify whether the trucking company complied with all the requirements. When there is enough evidence, we will present a demand on your behalf.

If your case does not resolve through negotiations, we will prepare to take it to trial. We have plenty of experience in the courtroom and aren’t afraid to stand up to these large trucking and transport companies.

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If you were injured in a wide load accident in Ohio, contact Bensinger Law today. Let our skilled Northwest Ohio truck accident lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve. We will put our years of experience to work, so you don’t have to navigate the legal system’s challenges alone.

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