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Rideshares like Uber and Lyft have exploded in popularity in recent years. Gone are the days when you had to call a surly taxi cab dispatcher, wait for who-knows-how-long for that yellow cab to arrive, and then realize the driver takes only cash at the end of the ride.

Today, you use an app on your phone, know exactly how long it will take for your ride to arrive, and can always pay with your debit or credit card. By far the most ubiquitous rideshare service in the world is Uber. Lyft is a close competitor, but no name is as synonymous with ridesharing as Uber.

Car accidents are inevitable, and Uber’s drivers are no exception. With the rising popularity of Uber, we are seeing more and more Uber-related car accidents. If you are in one of these accidents, it isn’t always clear who is liable for the accident. Is it the driver, or is it Uber? The truth is, it depends on what happened in the accident. In any case, if you were hit by an Uber or hurt during a ride, you will want to file a claim with the responsible party’s insurance provider. If their insurance policy can’t cover the accident, you will need to hire a lawyer and potentially file a lawsuit.

Is There an Average Uber Accident Settlement?

Many of our Uber crash lawsuit clients ask us about the average Ohio Uber accident settlement. This isn’t an easy question to answer. In fact, the only real answer that we can provide is that there is no average Ohio Uber accident claim. At Bensinger Legal Services, we value honesty and open communication. That’s why we will never lie to you. If we tried to give you an average Uber settlement amount, we would be lying to you. If you are curious as to why there is no average Uber settlement, read on for more information.

Why Is There No Average Uber Accident Settlement?

At the end of the day, there is no average Uber accident settlement because every Uber accident lawsuit is different. Why? Because every accident is different. There is no average car accident or Uber accident, so there is no average Uber accident settlement amount. In any given car accident, there are a seemingly infinite number of different factors that can come into play. Each of these factors can impact a settlement’s value. 

The damages you suffer as a result of the accident are probably the most important of these different factors, but not the only one. Individuals can also have a huge impact on a settlement value. Different lawyers use different strategies in calculating and seeking damages. Similarly, different attorneys will negotiate differently depending on whom they are negotiating with. Even the amount of resources that a defendant is willing to use to fight the claim will inevitably impact the settlement value. Just like no individual is the same, no Uber accident is the same. Thus, there is no “average” to compare each claim to.

Uber Driver Liability Insurance

Luckily, Uber insures all its drivers—at least in certain circumstances. Uber’s liability insurance covers its drivers when they have passengers in the car, when they are available or waiting for a ride request, and when they are en route to pick up riders. Uber also requires drivers to maintain their own liability insurance policy in conjunction with their state’s requirements. Unfortunately, liability insurance isn’t always enough to fully cover all accidents. So if your accident’s total damages appear above the following limits, you will have to hire an attorney to help recover the damages and file a lawsuit if necessary.

There are two tiers of insurance that Uber gives its drivers. The first applies when a driver is available or waiting for a ride request. In those instances, an Uber driver is covered as follows:

  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per individual person,
  • $100,000 total in bodily injury liability per accident, and
  • $25,000 total in property damage liability per accident.

It is important to note that in these instances, Uber’s own insurance policy applies only if a driver’s own liability policy is insufficient.

The second tier of Uber’s provided driver insurance applies when a driver is on their way to pick up a rider and during the ride itself:

  • $1,000,000 in total third party liability and 
  • Comprehensive coverage and collision coverage up to the real cash value of an individual vehicle (with a $2,500 deductible).

For certain vehicles, the deductible on the collision coverage is $1,000. If your damages appear to exceed these values, you need to hire a lawyer to get the full compensation that you deserve.

Bensinger Legal Services Is Here for You

The only way to get an accurate estimate of your Ohio Uber accident settlement amount is to seek the help of an experienced car accident attorney. Ideally, your lawyer will be one who has specific experience with rideshare accidents. The team at Bensinger Legal Services has that experience, and we are happy to share our expertise with our clients.

Aaron Bensinger, the founder of our firm, started the firm to help people get their lives back on track after a serious injury. Filing an accident claim can feel like a daunting and lonely process, but there is no reason for you to go it alone. At Bensinger Legal Services, we will fight with every tool we have to recover the full amount of compensation that you deserve. Let us worry about your case, so you can focus on healing. Don’t wait: call Bensinger Legal Services today for your free consultation.

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Aaron L. Bensinger is an Ohio attorney serving personal injury and civil litigation clients. He has extensive trial experience and makes client service is his primary focus. As a partner at Balyeat, Leahy, Daley, Miller & Bensinger, LLC, Aaron happily works in Lima, OH, and serves the entire Northwest region of the state and beyond.

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