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A car accident signifies an unforgettable and traumatic experience. Most people never forget where they were after a car accident.

Unfortunately for some, a car accident leaves lasting scars, such as financial burden or severe injuries. 

There are multiple steps to take immediately following an accident. One of those steps is to obtain a copy of your Toledo Police Dept accident reports.

These reports provide vital information regarding details of your car accident and may serve to benefit you in recovery for damages against another party.

You can obtain a copy of your Toledo Ohio accident report in a few different ways. Some ways prove more difficult than others and may require the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

Contact a qualified Ohio car accident attorney to assist you in the process of obtaining a copy of your accident report in Toledo, Ohio. 

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What Is a Toledo Police Accident Report?

A Toledo Ohio accident report is identified as a OH-1 Traffic Crash Report in Ohio. Law enforcement uses these reports to record details relating to an accident involving any type of motor vehicle.

The police officer reporting to the scene of the accident prepares the report based on their observations. If there was no reporting officer to the scene of your accident, Ohio provides you an option to prepare your own Toledo crash report. This Toledo Ohio accident report is identified as BMV 3303 Crash Report.

How Much Do Toledo Police Department Accident Reports Cost? 

Most cities charge a fee to retrieve a copy of an accident report. Fortunately, the Toledo Police Department does not charge for copies of accident reports. The database of Toledo crash reports may be reviewed online. Additionally, anyone can access and download copies of their Toledo police accident report in pdf form. 

How To Obtain a Copy of Toledo Police Department Accident Reports 

There are three ways to obtain a copy of Toledo Ohio accident reports. 

Get Your Toledo Accident Report in Person

Appear in person and request the Toledo Police Department at 525 North Erie Street, Toledo, OH 43604.

Get Your Toledo Crash Report by Mail

Make a written request by mail to the Toledo Police Department at the same location noted above.

Obtain Your Toledo Collision Report Online

Obtain a copy of your TPD accident report online. Accident reports may not be accessed online until at least five days after the accident occurred.

Do I Need an Accident Report in Toledo Ohio?

The state of Ohio does not require residents to report all car accidents. However, calling 911 is required when a fatality or personal injury results from the accident.

Additionally, Ohio law does not require police to report to the scene of an accident unless a fatality or personal injury occurs.

In the event of a death, fatality, or damage to personal property amounting to more than $1,000, the police officer must forward a copy of the report to the director of public safety. 

Even if a report is not required by law, it’s always recommended to file a TPD police report after an accident. TPD accident reports may support your claim for recovery because the reporting police officer’s observations serve as evidence and include valuable information regarding your accident. 

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How Do I Read Toledo Police Department Accident Reports?

At first look, Toledo Police Department accident reports may seem confusing and overwhelming to decipher. However, your Toledo accident report provides valuable information that may strengthen your claim for compensation.

First Page

The first page of accident reports in Toledo, Ohio provides basic information such as: 

  • Name and contact information;
  • Vehicle information;
  • Type of crash;
  • Location of the accident; 
  • Conditions, such as time of day, weather, and road conditions; and 
  • The severity of the accident. 

Information such as circumstances impacting the cause of the accident benefit parties seeking recovery. For example, if the report indicates that the weather conditions were foggy and rainy, how a driver operated their vehicle may strengthen a claim that the driver caused the accident. 

Second Page

The second page of Toledo crash reports provide more detailed information regarding the circumstances of the accident.

Details in this section include:

  • A description of injuries sustained, 
  • A description of damages sustained, 
  • Pre-crash actions, 
  • The sequence of events, and
  • Circumstances contributing to the accident.

Additionally, this page of the report provides a box if any party involved hit and run after the accident. 

Third Page

The third page of your collision report provides information on all motorists, non-motorists, and occupants in the vehicles. The information includes the name, addresses, and vehicle license plates of all motorists.

Additionally, this section of Toledo Police accident reports details if injuries occurred and whether medical attention was provided. 

This page also details whether any involved party was tested for drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. 

Fourth Page

The fourth section of the Toledo crash report provides the contact information for any witnesses to the accident. This section can be especially important if statements need to be taken by any witnesses to the accident. 

TPD accident reports serve as valuable pieces of evidence in obtaining relief in car accident cases.

Therefore, it’s always advised to file a Toledo Ohio police accident report after an accident. The unbiased view of a reporting police officer also provides solid evidence to support a case for negligence after suffering an injury and damages in a car accident. 

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