Bensinger Legal Services is run by Aaron L. Bensinger, a partner with Balyeat, Leahy, Daley, Miller & Bensinger, LLC.

Aaron has been providing outstanding legal service for several years and is licensed to practice in Ohio, California, and Federal Courts in Ohio. He offers civil litigation services but also focuses heavily on representing clients injured in car accidents, truck accidents, and more.

Do I Have to Pay to Talk About My Case?

No! There is no upfront fee to discuss your case, with Bensinger Legal Services, case reviews are free. Just reach out and we’ll talk things out, and we’ll provide you with the best advice for moving forward.

What Types of Injury Case Do You Handle?

We handle a wide variety of cases involving personal injury and negligence. For a few examples, visit our practice area pages:

Reach Out Today

Let’s talk about your case today. Give us a call at (419) 455-1410 or contact us online.

Author Photo Aaron L. Bensinger

Aaron L. Bensinger is an Ohio attorney serving personal injury and civil litigation clients. He has extensive trial experience and makes client service is his primary focus. As a partner at Balyeat, Leahy, Daley, Miller & Bensinger, LLC, Aaron happily works in Lima, OH, and serves the entire Northwest region of the state and beyond.

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