how much does a car accident lawyer cost

Car accident cases can leave your life and finances in turmoil. Having a lawyer represent you is your best option for achieving your case’s best financial outcome.

But how much does a car accident lawyer cost?

At Bensinger Legal Services, we know accidents can put a strain on your finances. We want to help you get the maximum compensation possible.

Our attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. That means we won’t get paid unless you do, so there’s no financial risk to you.

Read on to learn more about auto accident lawyer fees. 

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How Much Do Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

The cost of legal services can depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Lawyers’ experience,
  • Case’s complexity,
  • Expert witnesses,
  • Expensive technology, and
  • Law firm prestige.

It’s essential to understand the expenses in accident cases before you choose an attorney to represent you. Ask the potential attorney what type of fee arrangement they have.

Types of Fee Arrangements

The fee arrangement depends on the law firm.

Typical payment schemes include:

  • Hourly Rate. Attorneys get paid by the hour at a fixed rate. 
  • Retainer. Attorneys request an up-front sum and work off that amount. 
  • Flat Fee. A lawyer can also ask for a flat fee upfront. Flat fees are usually the arrangement for small legal tasks, such as drawing up a will or transferring title to a house.
  • Contingency Fee. Lawyers are paid a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount.

At Bensinger Legal Services, we handle car accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

How Do Contingency Fee Percentages Work?

Most car accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. You don’t have to pay anything to your lawyer upfront. The lawyer is paid a percentage of your settlement or court verdict award. 

Car accident attorneys realize you’re struggling financially after the accident. Contingency fees allow them to take your case without you adding additional financial burdens.

Contingency fees also incentivize lawyers to work toward recouping the maximum compensation possible because the more money they win for you, the more they receive.

So, how much does a lawyer get from a car accident settlement?

The percentage depends on the firm. Generally, it ranges from 25% to 40% of the total negotiated settlement or court award.

Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

While a car accident attorney is not required to pursue your claim, having one is highly recommended. Ohio car accident laws can be challenging to navigate without legal experience. And managing your case while recovering from your injuries creates unnecessary stress on you and your family. 

Not having an experienced car accident lawyer on your side may harm your case and the ability to recover compensation. The following are the consequences of not having an attorney.

Trouble with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can be ruthless. Like all businesses, their goal is maximizing profits and reducing expenses. They offer you a low settlement, hoping you’ll take it and not pursue the case further. 

Insurance companies notoriously also use delay tactics to weaken your morale to either give up the case or settle for the lower amount. Without an attorney’s assistance, it will be difficult to calculate fair compensation for your case.

Missing Deadlines

Filing a claim requires a lot of paperwork. Failure to file the correct paperwork by the established deadline can have disastrous consequences for your claim. 

The deadline, or statute of limitations, to bring a car accident claim in Ohio is two years. The two-year deadline starts to tick on the day of the accident. You must file by this deadline to avoid being barred from any financial recovery.

Issues Determining Liability

Ohio is a modified comparative negligence state. Contributory fault in an accident does not bar recovery. However, your recoverable compensation will be reduced by your portion of the fault. Your fault cannot exceed the fault of the other parties. If it does, you cannot recover anything.

Insurance companies are well-versed in this law. They know the more blame they push to you, the less they have to pay. If they can put over 50% of the blame on you, they won’t have to pay anything.

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