do i need a lawyer after a car accident

If you were involved in a car accident that someone else caused, you could be entitled to pursue legal action. You could be eligible to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

If you’re wondering when to get an attorney for a car accident, the following information can help you take the next step. When you do need an experienced Ohio car accident lawyer, call on Aaron L. Bensinger of Balyeat, Leahy, Daley, Miller & Bensinger, LLC. We provide compassionate representation for auto accident victims throughout northwest Ohio, and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Types of Cases Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

One of the most common questions we hear from Ohio car crash victims is, Should I get an attorney after a car accident?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors.

Typically, after a car accident, you need a lawyer if you suffered significant injuries that could require extensive treatment. You likely need a lawyer if your injuries will prevent you from working for more than a week or so or if you are at risk for having permanent or long-term problems.

You might also benefit from having an attorney if the circumstances of the collision are in question. An experienced car accident attorney has the resources to investigate the accident and collect the evidence necessary to establish fault and liability. With a persuasive, well-documented case, the insurance company might be more likely to take your claim seriously. As a result, your lawyer could negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf.

Finally, if you need to pursue your case through a civil lawsuit, an attorney can be invaluable. Your lawyer and legal team will handle everything for you so you can focus on your recovery.

What Types of Cases Might Not Need an Attorney?

In some cases, you could successfully negotiate your own car accident settlement.

For example, if you suffered only minor injuries and recovered quickly, your settlement value will likely be small. You might not need any legal assistance if the crash was clearly the fault of the other driver (especially if the police cited the other driver) or if the driver admitted to being at fault.

Often, the insurance company will make a fair offer that covers your actual damages—medical bills and lost wages, typically—plus a little extra for your time and trouble. If the insurance company is cooperative and willing to do the right thing, having a lawyer on your side might not provide any significant benefit.

The problem with this scenario is that you might not know whether the insurance company plans to play fair until it’s too late.

How to Determine If It’s Worth It to Have a Car Accident Attorney

Having an experienced attorney on your side can provide many benefits. If you aren’t sure whether getting a lawyer is right for you, these are some of the factors that suggest you might be better off having legal representation for your car accident claim.

You Don’t Know the Extent of Your Injuries

Sometimes injuries like whiplash don’t present symptoms right away. If you act too quickly to accept a settlement and later discover that your injuries are worse than you originally believed, you may not have any legal grounds to pursue further action.

You Do Know the Extent of Your Injuries and They Are Severe

If you suffered significant injuries, required hospitalization, or will need extensive treatment, talk to a lawyer. Insurance companies often try to undervalue your damages or claim that you had pre-existing conditions that caused your injuries to be more serious.

You Have No Way to Get Medical Treatment

To recover fully and get your life back on track, you need comprehensive medical care. If you can’t afford to pay your doctor bills, you should talk to an attorney. Your lawyer can help you get the treatment you need now.

Your Injuries Affect Your Ability to Work

If you have to miss work because of your injuries or if you can’t perform your job any longer, talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Getting fair compensation for lost wages and diminished earning capacity can be difficult to do on your own.

You should also consider getting a lawyer if the insurance company tries to deny the claim or suggests the accident was your fault.

Most attorneys take personal injury cases on a contingency basis, so you won’t have to pay any legal fees until your case is settled and your lawyer has recovered compensation for your damages.

Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer from Bensinger Law

So is it worth it to get a lawyer for a car accident? Ultimately this is a decision that you must make. Before you decide one way or the other, take advantage of the free consultation we offer.

We will answer your questions and explain the various options you have for pursuing a claim. We are committed to providing all the information you need to make an informed decision about your future.

To schedule a consultation or to speak with an experienced Ohio car accident lawyer, call or contact us online today.

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