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Regardless of who’s at fault, car accidents represent a scary, often life-changing experience. After a car accident, you may consider pursuing a claim against the other driver for damages. 

Ohio law may not require a Dayton, Ohio accident report. However, an accident report can provide evidence that may assist in pursuing this claim for damages.

A Dayton, Ohio accident report includes vital information that supports your claim for compensation after a car accident. You may obtain Dayton, Ohio accident reports in a few ways, however, some methods may be more difficult than others.

If you were involved in a car accident, a personal injury attorney can assist in retrieving your Dayton Ohio accident report. 

What Is a Dayton Police Department Accident Report? 

Dayton Ohio car accident reports are also identified as OH-1 Traffic Accident Reports. When a police officer responds to the scene of a car accident, they prepare Dayton police accident reports to record their observations and other important information.  

Why Is a Dayton Ohio Police Accident Report Important? 

Dayton Police Department accident reports provide vital information regarding the details of a car accident. Insurance companies and personal injury attorneys carefully review the data in Dayton crash reports to determine fault.

Therefore, when you receive a copy of your Dayton crash report, closely review the information and ensure all details are correct. 

How Much Does a Dayton Ohio Accident Report Cost?

Obtaining your Dayton Ohio car accident reports online may be completed for no charge. Use the Ohio Department of Public Safety website to find Dayton Police accident reports. Once you enter the required information, you may obtain a PDF of your accident report to save to your computer. 

How to Get Your Dayton Police Accident Report in Person

You may obtain a copy of your Dayton Police accident reports in person by visiting the Dayton Police Department. You may be directed to the Records division.

The Records division retains all reports occurring within Dayton Police Department’s jurisdiction. The Records Department may be reached at (937) 333-1060 to assist in obtaining a copy of your Dayton Police accident report. 

How to Get Your Dayton Police Department Accident Report Online 

You may obtain a copy of Dayton Ohio car accident reports online at the Ohio Department of Public Safety. If you do not have your crash number, you may use information about the accident to locate your report. You must include the following information to narrow down the search results: 

  • Crash start date, 
  • Crash end date, 
  • Crash county, 
  • Law enforcement agency,
  • Your last name, and
  • Email (optional).

You may then review your Dayton police department accident report. Please note that after your accident this report is not immediately accessible. Therefore, it’s advised to wait a few days before undertaking a search. 

Where Is the Dayton Police Department?

To pick up your Dayton crash report in person, you can visit the Dayton Police Department at 335 W. 3rd Street, Dayton, OH 45402. 

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