Regardless of who’s at fault, car accidents represent a scary, often life-changing experience. Ohio law may not require a Dayton, Ohio accident report. However, an accident report assists by providing evidence that may assist in pursuing a claim for damages.

If you were involved in a car accident, a personal injury attorney can assist in retrieving your Dayton police accident report. 

What Is a Dayton Police Department Accident Report? 

Dayton Ohio car accident reports are also identified as OH-1 Traffic Accident Reports. When a police officer responds to the scene of a car accident, they prepare Dayton police accident reports to record their observations and other important information.  

Why Is a Dayton Ohio Police Accident Report Important? 

Dayton Police Department accident reports provide vital information regarding the details of a car accident. Insurance companies and personal injury attorneys carefully review the data in Dayton crash reports to determine fault. Therefore, when you receive a copy of your Dayton crash report, closely review the information and ensure all details are correct. 

What If My Dayton Ohio Accident Report Is Wrong?

Reporting police officers make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes may have an impact on your recovery. Some common mistakes in Dayton, Ohio accident reports include the following:

  • Incorrect determination of fault, 
  • Incorrectly reported road conditions,
  • Lost or destroyed photographic evidence, and
  • Incorrect witness information.

You can make it easier to correct any potential mistakes in your report by collecting your own information from witnesses and taking photographs at the scene. There are some specific steps you may take to attempt to fix mistakes in your Dayton crash report. 

Provide Evidence 

If your Dayton Ohio car accident report contains mistakes, one way to attempt to fix those mistakes is providing evidence. For example, if the make of your vehicle is incorrect in the report, you may bring a copy of your registration to correct the report.

Additionally, if the Dayton Police Department accident report states that the weather was sunny and you provide photographic evidence that it was a stormy day, this may correct those factual errors in the report. 

Act Quickly 

After an accident, it’s important to quickly obtain a copy of any Dayton crash reports. A Dayton police accident report may be available in the few days after the accident occurred. When the report becomes available, be sure to order a copy through the Dayton Ohio Police Department. 

Provide a Statement 

In the event the Dayton Police Department accident report contains incorrect information, it may not always be possible to correct these errors. However, in some situations you may provide your statement to accompany the accident report. 

Most importantly, if you discover a mistake in your Dayton Police Department accident report, it’s important to consult with a personal injury attorney to assess your next steps. 

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