What is the average payout for a rear-end collision in Ohio

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident.

In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end crashes comprise approximately 30% of all car accidents nationwide.

Given these facts, it is difficult to calculate an average settlement for a rear-end collision in Ohio accurately.

Particular circumstances, including property damage, injuries, and noneconomic losses, as well as comparative negligence calculations, determine the average settlement amount for a rear-end collision. 

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What Happens During Rear-End Accident Settlements

When it comes to being rear ended, a settlement average is difficult to calculate. However, after evaluating the facts of your individual case, a qualified personal injury attorney in Ohio can help you estimate a fair rear-end collision settlement.

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Property Damage from Rear-End Accident

Property damage to your vehicle resulting from a rear-end collision varies from non-existent to catastrophic. An average settlement for a rear-end collision in Ohio will depend, in part, on the extent of the damage to your vehicle. 

Injuries from Rear-End Accident


As with property damage, some people suffer minimal injuries.

However, many individuals suffer serious injuries requiring medical attention.

The costs associated with medical injuries from a rear-end collision may go on for months. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor your injuries carefully.

Other common injuries associated with rear-end collisions include:

You may also suffer other injuries not provided in the above list. Even if you did not suffer a life-threatening injury, this does not make your right to compensation any less critical. The amount of compensation you can get in an average settlement for rear-end car accidents varies based on your injuries’ severity. 

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Noneconomic Losses

Noneconomic damages are intangible losses, including pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life. Additionally, noneconomic losses include the effects the injuries may have on your personal life, including the impact on family life and loss of companionship. Noneconomic damages are difficult to calculate as these damages primarily cover the emotional repercussions of an accident. However, when you are rear ended, the settlement amount may often depend in large part on your noneconomic losses.

Proving Negligence

The following three elements must be present to prove negligence:

  • The person who injured you owed you a duty of care;
  • The person breached that duty of care by their conduct; and 
  • The person’s actions caused your accident and injury.

The evidence presented must prove these elements. In Ohio, the concept of comparative negligence determines liability in negligence cases such as rear-end collisions.

Comparative negligence considers an injured person’s degree of fault in any accident. If your actions contributed in some way to you being rear ended, your settlement amount may be less than you reasonably expected. Your damages will be reduced proportionate to your degree of responsibility. However, if you were not at fault for the rear-end collision, you can recover the entire compensation sought.

Will a Lawyer Maximize Your Settlement Amount?

Insurance companies will frequently dispute fault in rear-end collisions to reduce the amount of your recoverable damages. When dealing with unrepresented parties, insurance companies may rely on individuals’ lack of knowledge regarding their rights.

Additionally, insurance companies attempt to settle claims for much less than you deserve. As a result, consulting with a qualified personal injury attorney can maximize the average settlement amount for a rear-end collision. 

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Proving Fault

A personal injury attorney works to gather the evidence required to establish responsibility in an accident. This may include police reports, photographs, eyewitness interviews, and accident recreation.

Obtaining Medical Treatment

Your injury attorney can advise you on how often to meet with your doctor regarding any possible injuries from a rear-end collision. They can also recommend medical providers that they have worked with before. Receiving a complete analysis of your injuries’ scope assures your settlement amount properly compensates you for the injuries suffered. 

Avoiding Delays

Working with a personal injury attorney reduces the possibility of any mistakes, delays, or errors in your case analysis. Your attorney can ensure you meet deadlines, provide appropriate statements to insurance companies, and make necessary disclosures.

Estimating the Value of your Claim

A rear-end collision is a traumatic event. Retaining representation for your claim assures that you receive a proper valuation of your damages and maximize the average settlement for a rear-end car accident you receive. 

Much goes into correctly calculating an average rear-end collision settlement. A qualified personal injury attorney at Bensinger Law provides aggressive and diligent representation to assure the best possible outcome.

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